The Bledsoe County Board of Commissioners will meet on April 15, 2024, at 7:00 PM, in the upstairs courtroom.

Agenda: Prayer, Call to Order, Pledge, Roll Call

  1. Public comment on agenda.
  2. Action on previous minutes.
  3. Accept quarterly reports.
  4. Action on budget amendments.
  5. Action to continue transferring a portion of opioid settlement funds to the Board of education to provide a substance abuse teacher.
  6. Action on resolution to increase litigation tax and court costs/fees for all courts.
  7. Action on Suzanne Road waterline extension. $234,972.78 from American Rescue Plan funds, with the remainder to be paid by Northwest Utility.
  8. Action on TDEC funds allocation for Northwest Utility.
  9. Action on Combined Public Communication contract (inmate communication).
  10. Action on Library board appointments.
  11. Other business.
  12. Public comment.
  13. adjourn.